General Information about Our Program:

Free Tuition:

(There is no charge for the instruction one receives at the Bible Institute of Missouri.)

A Two Year Program:

(The program lasts for eight quarters, which makes up two academic years.)

Over Forty Courses Taught:

(Bible or Bible related subjects, including Greek, are taught.)

Twenty-Four Hundred Hours Plus of Classroom Time:

(Students attend classes for six hours a day, five days a week.)

Verse by Verse Study:

(This includes the New Testament and Old Testament, when possible.)

History of the Bible Institute of Missouri

For many years, it has been the desire of the Kansas Expressway congregation to establish a program of advanced Biblical studies not only for the training of gospel preachers but to aid brethren who seek to study the Bible in-depth.

Most members of the church recognize the need for trained preachers, leaders and membership. There is always a need for more schools where one can receive advanced training and instruction in Biblical studies throughout the United States, especially in mid-America. Many have rightfully said that there cannot be too many schools offering quality instruction and training for those who seek to know God’s Word better and to communicate that Word to others.

The leadership and members of the Kansas Expressway church of Christ are fully committed to seeing that the Bible Institute of Missouri becomes a strong force for the advancement of the cause of Christ throughout the United States and the world. A new facility has been built to accommodate the school. Several men, young and old, have expressed a desire to be a part of the school. Graduates are now laboring in the vineyard of the Lord.

The elders invited brother J. R. Sullins to establish and direct the Bible Institute of Missouri. He is a graduate of Harding University. For the past 40 plus years brother Sullins has been a preacher of the gospel. While in the United States he served congregations in Arkansas, Tennessee, Indiana, and Alabama. He and his family were missionaries to Kenya, East Africa from 1979-1981. Since 1987, brother Sullins has established, directed, and taught at the Botswana and Zambia Schools of Biblical Studies.

The Bible Institute of Missouri began its first class on August 25th, 2003. We request your prayers and support for this effort. If you know anyone who would be interested in information concerning the school, please give them this information and encourage them to send for further details.

May God richly bless you all,

The Elders - Kansas Expressway Church of Christ

Faculty of the Bible Institute of Missouri

Jerry R. Sullins, director and instructor, holds the B.A. degree from Harding University. He served in local works in the United States for more than twenty years in the states of Tennessee, Indiana, Alabama and Arkansas. For two and one-half years he served as a missionary to Kenya, East Africa. During the years of 1988-1994, he established and directed the Botswana School of Biblical Studies in Botswana, Africa. The school was moved to Zambia in 1995 where he established the Zambia School of Biblical Studies and worked with that effort until February 2003. Presently he is still acting in a supervisory capacity with the school in Zambia.

Brent Green ,instructor, graduated from Missouri State in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Education and then graduated from the Bible Institute of Missouri in 2007. Since his graduation, he has work with the Bible Institute of Missouri as a school representative and part-time instructor. Before becoming a full-time instructor in 2011, he served as the pulpit minister for three years for the church of Christ in Carthage, Missouri. Since becoming a minister, he has also gone on mission trips to Zambia, Ghana, and Mexico.

Chuck Northrop, instructor, is a graduate of the Preston Road School of Preaching in Dallas, Texas under the direction of Eldred Stevens and holds both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Bible from the International College of The Bible. He has labored in local work in Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. He has preached in over twenty states and in six foreign nations -- Latvia, Ukraine, Taiwan, Mexico, Zambia, and Costa Rica. He has served as an instructor of the Midwest School of Biblical Studies in Independence, Missouri, the Kiev School of Preaching in Kiev, Ukraine where he also served as the director, and the Oklahoma School of Biblical Studies in Chandler, Oklahoma. He has also taught in the Zambia School of Biblical Studies in Livingstone, Zambia. He also serves as an instructor for the Online Academy of Biblical Studies. Besides numerous articles, he has written three books: "We Can Rest Assured," "Biblically Speaking about the Church," and "So Great a Cloud of Witnesses."

Ray Sullins, part-time instructor and evangelist, is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University with a B.A. Degree in Bible. He has served in local works in Tennessee, Missouri, and Mississippi. Mr. Sullins served as a missionary to Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia for more than seven years working with the Botswana School of Biblical Studies as a faculty member and Dean of Evangelism and at the Zambia School of Biblical Studies where he was a faculty member and the Assistant Director of the school. After coming back from Africa he worked for Truth For The World as Director of world-wide correspondence courses, and since 1998 has served as the evangelist for the Kansas Expressway Church of Christ in Springfield, Missouri.


Admission to the faculty at Bible Institute of Missouri is determined on the basis of faithfulness to the cause of Christ, spiritual readiness, experience, and academic preparation. Further, all prospective faculty members must be approved by the elders of the Kansas Expressway Church of Christ.

Students and Alumni of the Bible Institute of Missouri

IOTA CLASS (2014):

  • Dustin McCrickard
  • Ethan Young


  • Allen Fischgrabe
  • Jesse Young

ETA CLASS (2012):

  • Kent C. Eakins
  • Uriah Maravilla Greer

ZETA CLASS (2011):

  • Jarrod King


  • Bradley Cobb
  • Chris Gardner
  • Rob Stidolph


  • Joshua Adams
  • Russ Earl
  • Kevin Heavin


  • Amos Bieler
  • Brent Green
  • Edgar Landa
  • Scott Marriot
  • Derek Yarber

BETA CLASS (2006):

  • Gerry Anderson
  • Andrew Bieler
  • Alex Diestelkamp
  • Jesus Lozano


  • David Clark
  • Jeff Fisher
  • Andy Heavin
  • Jason McCully
  • Adam Orr
  • German (Dony) Rodriguez
  • Nathan Ross
  • Bryan Thurkill

Facility of the Bible Institute of Missouri

The Bible Institute ofMissouri was so named to indicate an institute of higher learning set up for those who are interested in studying God's Word. It is located in Springfield, Missouri, which is in the southwest part of the state at the foot of the Ozark Mountains. Springfield is a city of 152,000 with a metro population above 380,000. It is the third largest city in the state of Missouri and is ranked among the top five cities in the nation as a great place to raise a family. Springfield has a healthy job market, great schools, superior health care facilities, and an active arts community with warm and friendly people.

The Bible Institute of Missouri is housed in a separate facility behind the building of the Kansas Expressway church of Christ. Within the facility are offices, classrooms, a library, and a break room. It is a modern facility with a wireless computer network for students and faculty. The facility was completed in 2003 for the purpose of housing the school. It is located about a half mile south of Interstate 44 and is convenient to the Springfield-Branson National Airport and to shopping. In fact, it is close enough to Kansas Expressway to have easy access to the city, but far enough away to be quiet and undisturbed.

A religious research library is located at the school facility. Also a new Springfield public library is just across the street from the school which gives our students access to extensive research facilities. The school library has computers with online research capabilities. The library of the late Emerson J. Estes of the Memphis, Tennessee area was donated to the school. Brother Estes was one of the great preachers of his generation and was known for his faithfulness and love for the truth.